CFD/FX Trading Involves Risk. Losses May Exceed Deposits.
Bullion trading conditions: Gold and Silver are among the most popular commodities for traders, due to their inherent physical value and adaptability to both long and short-term speculative investing. Take full advantage of the trading gold and silver with tight spreads, no conflict of interest and full client support from UBFX.
Conditions Gold-XAU Silver-XAG
Margin Requirements* 5% 10%
Minimum Order Size 0.1 lot= 10 ounces 0.1 lot= 500 ounces
Minimum Funding $/£/€ 200 $/£/€ 200
Leverage 200:1 200:1
Commissions None None
Spread Type Floating Floating
Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Stopout Level** 50% 50%
Server Time*** GMT GMT
Account Denomination USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD & AED USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD & AED
Symbols Spreads* Max Lots Per Trade
Gold – XAU 50 cents 10
Silver – XAG 5 cents 20

*Expressed as average spreads. Do bear in mind that spreads are floating and will vary depending on market volatility, liquidity and around economic data releases.

As your Forex company, UBFX endeavour to provide you with the most competitive spreads. The low Forex spread and CFD spread we publish is a targeted spread and may vary according to market conditions and liquidity. Please note that during volatile market conditions and periods of low liquidity, and around economic data releases, spreads may increase momentarily on affected currency pairs. Volatile market conditions can result in prices gapping, which may prevent the execution of the following orders (sell stop, buy stop, stop loss) at the requested stop price. We strive to execute all stop orders at the requested price, market conditions permitting.

Symbol Short* Long*
XAGUSD 0 -0.020
XAUUSD 0.477 -1.027

Opens Sunday 23:00,

Closes Friday 22:00, Daily break between 22:15-23:00

All times are in current London Time.

Please take note that trading hours may change during holidays. Clients will be informed of any changes by email.